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Plan B provide technical help

with most things inter-web, cyber-what and cloud-where.


Technical Hands-on Help with PC's, wi-fi & connectivity


Apple Technology - Macs, iPads and iPhones and their connectivity


Website Design & Delivery - domains, hosting and sites tailored to your needs


Design & Branding - artwork, fliers and business cards

Frequently Asked Questions

The Internet and the World Wide Web is a vast and confusing place, sometimes feeling as though it has been intentionally designed to be obscure, obtuse and difficult to navigate. Sometimes you need the assistance of a “navigator” to help get you through the tangle of web pages, service providers and technical know-it-all’s who are happy to baffle and bamboozle, yet not provide what it is you’re actually looking to achieve.

We help sole traders, small businesses, start-ups and households find attainable, cost-effective solutions. We build websites tailored specifically to your needs. Working with you, we can deliver practical alternative solutions in the shortest time possible.

So if you’re in need of an alternative solution, perhaps in a hurry, we can most likely help.

Do you know...

…the four most frequently asked questions that we hear ?

Do I really need my own web site?
This question is always at the fore-front of any web site requirement

Do I really need it – I mean, really?

Never an easy one to answer, but venturing into the World Web Web is getting easier by the year. As the costs come down and technical capabilities increase, it’s never been easier to “dip one’s toe” and see just what having a web-presence can provide you, your family, hobby or business.

How do I go about getting my own domain?
Okay, so why not trial a site and see what happens… but…

Do I need a .com, a or .whatever? What other names are available that can represent my site and still be easy to remember and recognisable as my business?

The world of domain names is opening up more and more, as other naming choices become available. These can often be cheaper and allow you a site name appropriate to your requirements, your business or your interests.

What's all this about 'hosting'?
So, you’ve got a domain… somewhere, out there, in darkest cyberspace. Now what…?

How do I get to it? What do I need to build my web site? What more will it cost me? How long will it take?

Building your site and giving it the personalised look that is easy to add content and pictures to make a statement about your business is more achievable than you might think… and it needn’t cost an arm ‘n a leg, nor tie you to one service provider.

Now it's 'out there', how do I maintain it?
So… you have your own site ! But… is that it?

What more can I do with it? How do I update it? How do I keep it fit ‘n healthy and working for me? How do people know I’m there?

From updates & new content to SEO & Google Analytics… determining what you need, what else is available and who’s been looking at your site are all things which need consideration and information to decide what’s worth any extra cost.

Domains, hosting and websites – everything tailored to your specific requirements, plus advice on what options are available and the best route forward… even if we don’t provide you with your final solution.
Technical Hands-on help with Windows PCs & peripherals, wi-fi & office or home networking, plus Apple technologies – Macs, iPads & iPhones and their applications & connectivity.
Art work, logos, fliers and business cards. Everything you need to link your website to your business, your hobby or your specific requirements.
  • Technical Assistance 85% 85%
  • Apple Technologies 90% 90%
  • Website Design & Delivery 80% 80%
  • Design & Branding 75% 75%

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We are helping small businesses, start-ups and households primarily in the Thames Valley & Home Counties, but extending to S.E. England and pretty much anywhere on the planet.

So if you’re in need of a Plan B, then why not contact us.

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