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Blue My Mind Evolvulus offers a rare blue color that stands out with this Gold Mound duranta red begonia. AddThis Sharing Buttons. ?-Qty + Add to Cart. Evolvulus 'Blue My Mind' - credit: Kernock Park Plants Kernock Park Plants' Evolvulus ‘Blue My Mind’ love the heat but have done brilliantly in the UK’s cooler summer conditions. Evolvulus ‘Blue My Mind’ won by a landslide this year. Blue My Mind ® Evolvulus from Proven Winners . Story. The true blue flowers and fuzzy, silvery-green foliage are very heat tolerant, making it a great addition to southern gardens, No dead-heading required to keep it blooming all summer. A BETTER BLUE. Plant Details: Scientific Name: Evolvulus nuttallianus Common Name: Evolvulus, Blue Daze Hardiness Degree: 32°F (0.0°C) Blooming Season: Autumn, Spring, Summer Plant Habit: Mounded Characteristics: Heat Tolerant, Shade Tolerant Water: Light Fertilize: Every two … Heat-tolerant, trailing plant works well in combination containers and baskets. The silvery green foliage compliments the deep blue flowers well. Their beauty and superior performance is sure to blow your mind. Blue My Mind evolvulus This is an evergreen herbaceous perennial in the warmest parts of our region. Growing Information: Culture Guidelines. Evolvulus pilosus Evolvulus will bloom ALL summer! Plant Width: 1 to 3 … It is perfect in landscapes and in containers. 'Blue My Mind' Blue Daze is an improved variety of Blue Daze. Beautiful fuzzy silvery-green foliage is topped with blue flowers, and this heat-tolerant plant also attracts pollinators. Planted in a sunny spot, this lovely spreader smothers itself with a nonstop wave of ocean-blue flowers atop a mound of pretty blue-green foliage. Description. It won by a landslide and we have to say we can understand why. Norman Winter. Hanging Basket. Blue is hard to get one’s hands on in the garden, but Blue My Mind™ evolvus fills the void! Low Spread Garden Landscape. Send by email Printer-friendly version. Evolvulus hybrida 'Blue My Mind' - Dwarf Morning Glory. This heat tolerant plant bears blue flowers with silver foliage. Asexual propagation prohibited. Select Store. As an annual in containers, it is often hung over the edge of baskets; as a perennial groundcover, it spreads over stone walls or flower beds. This plant has a mounding trailing habit. APPEARANCE: Soft silvery-green foliage featuring masses of brilliant blue flowers from summer to autumn. Share to Pinterest. It will perform best in a full sun position and is drought tolerant once established. Sun Lover. This winter was unusally cold for the Houston area--dropping into the low 30s and upper 20s--and it froze solid and has died. Although we admire the flowers for their exceptional blue color and all-summer performance, we don’t grow any of the species or the usual cultivars. Height: 6-12 Inches. Same vivid blue color. Blue My Mind from Proven Winners has true blue flowers and fuzzy, silvery-green foliage. Evolvulus Blue My Mind. PLANTING: This ground-cover is best grown in full sun.Plant in free draining soil rich in organic matter. Share to More. Paint your garden beds or containers with the lovely blue blooms of evolvulus. Evolvulus glomeratus, or Dwarf Morning Glory, is a tender, non-vining, herbaceous perennial more often grown as an annual that is a member of the Convolvulaceae family. Generally, the blooms are too sparse, the flowers are too tiny, or the plant is too unreliable for greenhouse production. You need to be logged in to go to online ordering Click here to Login. Evolvulus glomeratus is a non-vining morning glory-like tender perennial with trailing stems that is native to Brazil. Blue My Mind is a dwarf cultivar of morning glory. Evolvulus Blue My Mind™ Evolvulus. Item code: 9313598108296. Delicate, petite, true blue flowers cover the silvery-green foliage of Blue My Mind™. Bees and butterflies love the nectar-rich blooms and will spend hours in your garden feasting. It will perform best in full sun and needs to be protected from even light frost. BLUE MY MIND® is a great annual for containers or landscape use. Blooms will close in the afternoon. Evolvulus hybrid 'Blue My Mind' loves hot weather, in fact, the hotter the better! Evolvulus, heat and drought-tolerant, these tough little plants make fine ground covers and combine well in mixed baskets and containers. EVOLVULUS Blue My Mind ... • Blue My Mind is also available in the 28-count Supernova Thriller ™ tray. Out of Stock. A heat loving plant that will be covered with blooms from spring to fall. Plants in This Video: Blue My Mind® - Dwarf Morning Glory - Evolvulus hybrid. Blue Daze is a trailing plant tolerant of heat and drought and is a true survivor that will grow equally well in the garden or a pot or basket. For summer bloom in a stunning shade of blue there is nothing like Evolvulus. Noteworthy CharacteristicsHeat-tolerant, no deadheading required. Marketing Information: Bench Card Download a Bench Card. Evolvulus nummularis. This plant will perform best in full sun and needs to be protected from even light frost. Mounding/trailing habit will make an excellent addition to containers or as a ground cover. Plants do need to be watered well for several weeks during root establishment. Blue My Mind can be used as a container, groundcover and for landscape. With deep sky-blue flowers and silver-toned foliage, it’s ideal for 4.5-inch containers, gallons and baskets. Plants do need to be watered well for several weeks during root establishment. Where it is not reliably perennial, it serves well as a summer annual that produces large numbers of true blue flowers throughout the growing season. Uses. If planted in the ground as a bedding plant, it typically forms sprawling foliage mounds to 9-18” tall. It grows well in hot, dry positions and appears to be very tough. Subscribe. It is drought tolerant, once it is established. A trailing variety will suit any container with its soft, almost velveteen, electric-blue flowers that will cover the silvery-green foliage during the later summer months. Evolvulus 'Blue My Mind' Dwarf flowering shrub. Be sure to water your Evolvulus well for several weeks during root establishment. Bright lavender blue flowers with a white centre. It will perform best in full sun and needs to be protected from even light frost. While the plants can withstand drought conditions, growth and flowering are better with consistent moisture. Family name: Convolvulaceae; Plant type: An evergreen herbaceous perennial, native to Brazil and Paraguay. Petunia Surfinia Sky Blue. Evolvulus pilosus 'Sapphire Blue'. Evolvulus Blue Daze ‘Blue Daze’ Evolvulus Blue Daze. It has brilliant blue flowers over a carpet of fuzzy, oval-shaped green leaves. Here we have a dwarf herbaceous perennial which flowers its head off. Evolvulus 'Blue My Mind' Phonetic Spelling ee-VALV-yoo-lus Description. DESCRIPTION: True blue flowers and fuzzy, silvery-green foliage . Evolvulus [Cultivars] 'Blue My Mind' Evolvulus [Cultivars] 'Blue My Mind' Scientific Name: Evolvulus L. (Convolvulaceae) [Cultivars] 'Blue My Mind' Nursery Availability 1 - 9 of 9. They’re best in full sun and well-drained soil. Exposure: Sun. Evolvulus Blue My Mind Departments - Culture. As voted by our Field Day panel of judges—all the attendees—the favorite plant for 2019 is Evolvulus ‘Blue My Mind’. Care Light Needs: Full sun Water Needs: Keep evenly moist in well-drained soil Bloom Season: Spring through first frost Height: 6 - … Rooting Hormone: Optional. Full Sun Planters Morning Glory Plant Full Sun Annuals Proven Winners Garden Borders Annual Plants Live Plants My Mind Backyard Landscaping With its showy blue blooms held against silvery-green foliage, this plant flourishes in a garden bed as a low-growing groundcover or in a container. Share to Print. True blue flowers are a consumer favorite. This award-winner is extremely heat tolerant and does not require deadheading. Sun or semi shade. Will tolerate dry periods and thrive with additional water. PLACE AN ORDER SHOW AVAILABILITY. Supplied in a 50mm pot. Trailing stems tend to grow somewhat horizontally to downward when planted in baskets or containers. A how-to production guide. 4.5" Not Available. Propagation Guide Tray Sizes (cells/tray): 50, 72, 84, 105. The small flowers resemble those of its relative, the morning glory. However take note, as much as it loves the heat Evolvulus Blue my Mind needs to be protected from even light frost. September 4, 2012. Waterwise. Spread: 12-24 Inches. This trailing variety will suit any container with its soft, almost velveteen, electric-blue flowers that will cover the silvery-green foliage during the later summer months. It is hard to find great plants with lots of bright blue flowers. EVOLVULUS BLUE DAZE 50mm Pot. You can also grow in a hanging pot to create a lovely trailing effect. SEASON: Summer EXPOSURE: Sun WATER NEEDS: Drought Tolerant CATEGORY AVAILABILITY. Performing best in full sun, it is drought-tolerant once it is established. Plant Profile, Culture and Propagation : Botanical Name: Evolvulus glomeratus; Common Name: Evolvulus, Blue Daze, Hawaiian Blue Eyes (though the latter two are also names of E. glomeratus cultivars), Brazilian Dwarf Morning-Glory. Delicate, petite blue flowers cover these grey-foliage plants for months on end. Electric blue flowers for a long period on silver/green toned foliage that creates a mound or groundcover. Evolvulus ‘Blue My Mind’ For summer bloom in a stunning shade of blue there is nothing like evolvulus. Cascading Pot Planter. No surplus available. Prefers a full sun to part shade position and a well drained soil. Brilliant blue flowers. This tray is designed to be used for possible fast finish in larger monoculture containers, and especially as a component plant in larger combinations. GM Staff The hotter the better, is the motto for this plant. Blue My Mind loves hot weather, in fact, the hotter the better! The hotter the better for this drought, heat and humidity loving variety (once roots have been established) . It is drought tolerant, once it is established. It has simple leaves with a silvery tone and rounded bright blue flowers for a long period from summer to autumn. USES: Mass display of flowering colour; in containers; low hedges, mixed beds. Share to Email. It is more compact and has more flowers. Full Sun Planters. Blue My Mind evolvulus and Vermillionaire cuphea create a … These love the heat, but have done brilliantly in the UK’s cooler summer conditions. Care. Deadheading not necessary. Share to Twitter. Evolvulus Blue My Mind. Many home gardeners look forward to this time of year to browse catalogs in search of great new plants to enjoy in their 2019 landscapes. Evolvulus pilosus belongs to the same plant family (Convolvulaceae) but comes from the North American prairies. Evolvulus blue my mind. Ageratum Hawaii Blue … Evolvulus ‘Blue My Mind’ Dwarf Morning Glory. BLUE MY MIND® has an amazing deep, sky blue flower with a tiny star shaped eye. Share Tweet. Evolvulus 'Blue My Mind' (P) Evolvulus ‘Blue My Mind’ really is something to shout about! Blue my Mind® loves hot weather in fact the hotter the better. It spread beautifully and bloomed year round, so last summer I added more in my back yard where it also thrived. A lover of heat, evolvulus thrives in the middle of a hot summer and continues to impress all the way through fall. Share to Facebook. SUGGESTED ALTERNATIVES: Salvia Sally Fun Blue. I planted Blue Daze as ground cover in my front bed about 2 years ago and have loved it. General Information Height: 12-14" (30-36cm) Spread: 18-20" (46-51cm) Exposure: Partial Sun. This heat-tolerant beauty makes a stunning addition to containers beds alike, and it’s so polite that it doesn’t even need deadheading. It is drought tolerant, once it is established. Blue My Mind performs best in full sun and needs to be protected from even light frost. • Blue My Mind performs best when grown warm, in a bright location, with moderate to dry soil moisture levels. 9 Search Results. Please set your store before adding product to cart. A small spreading Flowers usually close up at night and on cloudy days. Blue Daze Evolvulus.

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