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People & Businesses who have turned to pb_wb

Here are some of the businesses and people who have come to us seeking alternative solutions.

Automotive Lean Consulting

A "lean" process design, implementation and training consultancy, ALC takes "lean" process lessons learned from automotive manufacturing and applies these to all industry and business sectors. A recent venture start-up, all aspects of web and technical provisioning was required to launch this now successful process design consultancy.

F1 Spinal Solutions

A medical technology consultancy bringing upright MRI scanning technology to the world of F1 Motorsport, this recently emerging start-up needed a website quickly; and one which laid out their expertise and their business proposition to the various teams involved in Formula 1 racing.

Brunswick Bees

Apiarist & Honey Vendor, Buckinghamshire-based bee-keeper Brunswick Bees have been providing honey in the Three Counties area for half a century. This scrolling one-page site provides a view into the world of the honey-bee and onward links to other web-based bee and honey resources.

David Young - Achieve

Personal fitness expert, personal trainer and nutritionist, David Young works in the Windsor/Slough area. David needed a small, fast, site quickly, to respond to the growing concern that his business wasn't represented on the web. The site provides download opportunities and shows his class schedules. Design on the site has been extended to fliers and marketing collateral.


A very active blog of all things gardening.
Ex-television news presenter and journalist, writing of her exploits in the garden, Caroline required a platform for both her writing and her photography.
An avid gardener, she wanted to catalogue and record her experiences and share her delight in the pleasures and rewards to be had from working in one's own back garden.

David Williams Landscape Consultancy

Landscape, planning and environmental design agency, DWLC Ltd. is based in the south with offices in Berkshire and Devon. This multi-page site was required to showcase the many projects and breadth of services available from this consultancy. Plan B also helped with office relocation and all technical provisioning.

Michael's Landscapes

A landscaping and gardening services company based in Aylesbury, Bucks.
This multi-page site was required to showcase the many projects and breadth of gardening and green space construction services available from this company.
Plan B also provided technical help and extended the site branding to business paperwork and advertisements in local newspapers.

The Complete Gourmet

A bespoke catering services company based in Saffron Walden.
This multi-page site was required to showcase the breadth of catering services available and to provide information to help with menu and venue choices.

Plan B - yes, our very own site

And why not include our own site, as we are our own customer? A single scrolling one-page site, we needed something quick and simple, to get across what we do and how we can work with anyone to produce a website tailored to what they require.
We hope you think it's working...

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