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Why vent?

I think the first questions to address are...
  • Why vent?
  • What’s to be achieved?
  • Who’s it aimed at?
  • What’s the expected outcome?

I’ve spent a few months… well, several really… ok, lots, alright! exploring the possibility of building a website design ‘n build business. You can read more how this came to be in another vent.

In researching the how’s ‘n wherefore’s, I read Rob Cubbon’s book, “Running a Web Design Business From Home.” Well, when I say ‘book‘, more pamphlet really. In this book he encourages the development and use of a blog as a means of recording experiences and building a readership network to further promote one’s business. (I have a vent about Self-Help books stored up, which I’ll get to shortly…)

Somewhat conversely I recently did a website for a friend who’s very last desire was to be seen producing a blog. “Why would anybody want to read my stream of consciousness?” she balked.

Anyway, getting back to the question, I’ve longed enjoyed the process of putting thoughts into words, and greatly admired those who can do this (especially with humour) and, where able, I’ve striven to emulate this ability, and have tried previously to write about my experiences. My most favourite attempt was writing the diary of a friend’s stag ‘holiday’ too many years ago… and I believe I may have used Wordstar… there that’ll date me.

So to answer the first question, Why vent?, well, why not, I s’pose.

So, next… What’s to be achieved?

I do have to be honest at this point and say that I feel there’s a degree of catharsism going on here. I’ve tried talking to people about my ‘vent list‘, but everybody simply concludes I’m just a curmudgeon who’s happy to vent.

While people (generally) all agree (often wholeheartedly) with what I might be venting about, all such conversations usually end with a philosophical shoulder shrug (try saying that when you’ve had a few !) and a trite truism such as “Well, that’s life…” You can almost hear the ellipsis being spoken… (he says, typing ellipsis!) You’ll discover (if you keep reading of course) that I have a fondness for ellipsis. I like the way they provide the impression that there’s something deliberately left unsaid… something that was actually going to be more interesting.

So, next question was Who’s it aimed at?

Honestly, no one. If no one crawls through the vent to find this, then that’s absolutely fine. And if someone does crawl through the vent and leaves without reading anything further, then that’s fine too.

And finally, What’s the expected outcome? is a question I can’t answer… yet…