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It's easy to get a job...

...when you already have a job...

…or so the premise goes…

I’ll be honest, I’ve never understood this “commonly accepted wisdom.” To me, this makes no sense whatsoever.

Everyone has, or will have to, experience the exquisite trial that is “looking for a new job.” It remains one of the most tedious, time-consuming and thankless tasks you’ll experience in your Corporate working life.

I applied for a role a few months back, only to see the hiring manager (who should’ve known better) going on Linked In to complain about the trite truisms people put in their CV’s these days.

Given my CV was one he could likely have seen, I spent hours more (‘cos I’d already spent hours prepping my CV for application) pouring over it again trying to see if I might have perpetrated this heinous crime… as well as seeing how any transgressions in this regard could be avoided.

I made the mistake of going online to Linked In and chastising him for his one-sided and certainly unsympathetic view, which would have kiboshed my chances of progressing any further in the process… but… someone needed to say something.
In his defence, he said he was simply trying to be humourous. But if you’ve spent considerable time and care in prepping an application, I can assure you, there’s little to be found that’s “funny” in the use of this time.

As regards my application, in fairness I was offered an initial chat “before 7am” one morning, “if I was still interested“. I’m going to have to vent about this at some point too, but that’s for another time.

Anyway, yes, this manager was making fun of all the trite hackneyed phrases that comprise most, if not all, CV’s. I actually wanted to ask him if he’d tried seeing how successful his CV would be without these?!

The time taken to prep and tailor CV’s and applications to any role is simply ridiculous. This, for two reasons.

Firstly, invariably CV’s are “selected” (and I use the term in the loosest possible sense) either at random, by look not content, or by a word-search app within an ATS, the Corporate version of “Tindr”!

Secondly, the first level of review is invariably carried out by a person, likely with little corporate world experience, and generally with little understanding of what the role requires. Without these trite truisms, getting past this initial barrier to entry (I’d suggest) is virtually impossible.

However, Corporates still like to see a “tailored” CV. This I get. I dislike it, yes, but I get it. So, to craft and create a “bespoke” CV and application for every role is a very time consuming process… unfortunate, but true.

So, the premise that “it’s easier to get a job if you already have a job” means that the process somehow favours the time spent by someone who should be already gainfully employed, and likely being paid for their time by another employer. And this candidate is actually perceived with more credibility…?!?
The premise means that the process favours the candidate who is actively working against their current employer!!

They are undoubtedly doing research in work time, taking “sickies” to attend interview(s), and will go on to pack their pockets with what they can carry away with them, before actually handing in their notice to run away as quickly possible.

Why is preference in the recruitment process given to people who lie to their current employer?

This is nothing more than going on a dating app before you’ve left your current partner, and it speaks volumes of the level of self interest of the person concerned; and these people somehow feature more highly in the recruitment process…???

The world has truly gone mad.