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Hands Up!

You best take that question... it may be important...

I had cause recently to present to a Primary School.

A tiring day of five 1hr presentations, the most fun was had in the variety of questions asked of me. Given both the age and the enthusiasm of the audience, social and presentation etiquette went out the window and any hope of completing my presentation and answering considered questions at the end went with it.

Although I quickly discovered that it was prudent to address questions as hands went up, as I found that a fierce expression of interest could mask a strong a desire to need to leave the room!

One of the funniest questions I was asked in one session, and for which I had to admit to not knowing the answer, was “Did you know I went to Spain on holiday?” Nope, I had to admit that I didn’t.

In following the EU “In, Out, In, Out Shake it all about” debates it is clear that, like the well-travelled member of my audience that day, people are not asking the right questions about what “In” or “Out” might bring us. The politicians and various experts, pundits and panel members are being regularly bombarded with the wrong questions. Will this happen ? Could that happen ? What if… ? Where might… ? When could… ? And then, when they don’t get clear unambiguous responses generously sprinkled with various facts and figures to prove the argument, “the public” get snippy about how can we be expected to make a informed decision when there is no information. Well the truth is, there’s plenty of information… what we’re short of is cast-iron guarantees… and that’s simply because these can’t be provided… and that’s just life.

The Brexit question is very simple… and it’s this… in the event of some circumstances we can’t foresee, would our ability to survive, bounce back, take advantage and/or prosper from anything we can’t predict be better if we were in the EU or not ?

Surely, the answer then has to be we’re better off out of it.

And if we leave, what are the advantages ? We retain nearly £10billion every year. We regain control of our immigration. We continue to be a net importer from the EU. We regain some sense of self determination which has to be lacking from recent decades. We are no longer subject to ridicule-provoking dictates from a Parliament that people in this country have very little understanding of and even less interest.

And could it be that the rabid interest in this referendum could just be replicated in a General Election if people felt that they had some chance of self-determination rather than voting for any party who ultimately cow-tows to a “higher authority” ?

The list of EU driven initiatives intending to bring about a United States of Europe which have proven everything from impractical to downright dangerous is lengthy and growing… CAP, Schengen, ERM, Euro, straight bananas, extending membership where economically impossible, the prevention of war and ethnic cleansing within it’s own borders, humanitarian aid for asylum seekers, and on and on…

And as regards our ability to travel to/from Europe, I have no doubt that my little audience member and his holiday money will be welcomed in Spain regardless of us being a member of a club very few people understand let alone benefit from.