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The Self-fulfilling Prophecy

I’m now faced with the first hurdle to getting back to work as being able to answer the inane and ridiculous question “Why is it taking you so long to get a job?“

Spoken, or not, it’s there.

And… one of these days, I will answer this question… truthfully.

Given what I’ve vented about the misconception of redundancy, there is nothing worse than having to field the totally useless and (excuse the pun) ‘redundant’ question about the time it might be taking anyone to get back to work. I honestly don’t know what this question is looking to elicit…

I have this real hope that one day it will dawn on a recruitment agent, TAS, or upon HR, that if they’ve chosen not to take a CV forward then, yes, it has definitely and undoubtedly happened previously, so that’s the reason, and that’s the answer to the question… now, can we move on to the important stuff… please…

I’m now tasked with having to prep answers to questions that have no bearing whatsoever upon my corporate worth or my ability to perform a role.

“…it’s simply taking me this long because ignorant and ill-considered dullards like you are not actually thinking about the effect you’re having on the hiring process!”

So, the self-fulfilling prophecy continues…

All you want to do is get in front of the hiring manager and discuss value propositions, experience synergies and what any candidate can bring to the role. That’s the point at which any hiring decision should be made. To miss out on the opportunity of a job at that stage, is one you can truly consider and from which you can truly learn.

Honing your skills in the interview process should be as a result of an informed discourse about what the role requires and what the candidate offers.

There is little to be gained by pondering better ways to answer ridiculous questions asked by the inexperienced or the uninformed; questions that actually have no bearing on your suitability for any role, but just serve to perpetuate the nonsense cycle of not getting in front of hiring managers.

And so, the self-fulfilling prophecy continues…

I continue to look forward to the first stage interview where I can talk about value propositions and not bolster and perpetuate someone else’s inability to see the bleedin’ obvious.