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Can everything be happening... somewhere... ?

I’ve long been intrigued by the idea of parallel universes.

The idea of a multiverse, where all our actions and choices are played out in a parallel course is a fiction which may yet prove to have some basis. It also provides some comfort knowing that there is a version of me driving that Porsche, having completed all I had wanted and is living the life that seems to have eluded me.

However, it must also remain true that there’s a version of me worse off than I am. I wish I could reach out and provide him with some help, seeing as I can’t seem to help myself in this universe.

In an alternate ‘Verse’, Brexit lost and we remain shackled to a dying bureaucratic beast. While in another… Brexit win… but…

Cameron stays in office, pledging to serve the nation and provide the steer to ensure the will of the people is actioned.

The following Monday, Hodgson starts Vardy and Rashford and, after conceding an early goal, England remain solid and composed to beat Iceland 2-1.

Six days later, playing the same formation, we do the same to France.

Farage, happy to see Brexit in place, resigns, finally and this time permanently, leaving our exit from the EU as his final public work.

The banks wobble on news of Brexit, but the country’s focus is elsewhere – on England and Wales in the Euros. In a minor news bulletin, Carney quickly stabilises market concerns and whilst the cart rocked heavily, markets recovered and then went ahead after England beat France.

Wales beat Portugal, 3-2 in extra time, after another free-kick goal from Bale in the last half of extra time.

England beat Germany… on penalties, setting up an England Wales Euros final.

On the Sunday, ahead of the Euros final, Murray beats Federer in the Wimbledon final, and England, Scotland AND Wales are all riding high.

Later that evening, the result of the Euros Final is immaterial as the UK is the winner regardless of outcome. Wales and England play a testimonial game for Gary Speed, taking the game to extra time, simply to please the crowd.

The resilience of the United Kingdom is appreciated, if not admired, by the rest of Europe. Market instability eases and starts to rise, faced with such a strong united performance from two home nations on the European stage.

Chilcot publishes a damning report, naming names and responsibility is rightfully apportioned.

European leaders have to meet to discuss terms for Britain’s exit, offering continued market access without the need to maintain freedom of movement of labour.

TeamGB adopt the Welsh motto “Together Stronger” and perform admirably in the Rio Olympics, coming 4th in the medal tables.

Trump is elected US President, the dollar tumbles as people see Sterling as the most stable currency and Britain’s position is the world is returned to that of a strong independent nation.

By September, I land the job of my dreams and go on to marry the lady of my dreams… and I buy that Porsche a year later.

How could Hodgson not see all this in this Universe… ?!? Why on earth would you put Sturridge out right, think Wilshire was suddenly match-fit and that Rooney and Sterling were anything other than a risky liability, and that national economic instability (if not crisis) was the inevitable outcome.. ?!?

Sigh… parallel universes… can it really be just a dream… ?