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Plan B... or not to be... ?

That was very much the question.

I won’t start this section with my thoughts on my previous employer, as my contempt for them has a special vent, all of its own, below. But Plan B is, in reality, my plan ‘B’…

I’ve been trying to get back into full time employment with, let’s face it, no success.

I’ve always enjoyed and worked in IT and with IT people, and I think the Internet truly is one of man’s greatest achievements. A true leveler, the opportunities it has provided everyone is a marvelous thing to see and be a part of… although the profusion of cat videos remains somewhat perplexing (but nonetheless humourous).

So, with (almost) limitless time on my hands, why not explore what I might be able to achieve through The Internet.

It has also provided me with a vehicle for my other enjoyment in life… meeting people. Honestly, people are great. Yeah, there’s some horrors out there, but the vast majority all have something interesting to tell you and something you can learn.

Man, as a species, must surely appreciate that it has been his ability to communicate with his fellow man that has enabled him to dominate the planet. Sure, we got a bigger brain, but it’s the ability to share ideas which has been the foundation to our success. So Plan B seemed a worthwhile pastime, while I looked for a ‘real’ job.

But no mention of Plan B would be complete without mentioning “Jono“.

I had the very great fortune to meet Jono at a previous job. An intellect. An affable ‘bon vivant‘ (just without the “luxurious lifestyle“, as the dictionary assures me you need to qualify as one). A poly-math. A multi-linguist. A walking dictionary and encyclopedia. An absolute ‘ringer‘ in any pub quiz team.

But Jono has, quite literately, provided the platform upon which this… I daren’t use the word ‘venture‘… so let’s say ‘experiment‘… sits.

So, when I say this wouldn’t be possible without Jono, I actually mean it in the literal sense.