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Corporates do Tinder!

You’ll never find a TAS far from his/her weapon… the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) – sometimes called a Candidate Tracking System (CTS).

Don’t be fooled, it’s really just Tinder in disguise!

The front part of this CV ‘black hole‘ is the webpage presented to you when you hit the button “Apply Now >”. All that’s missing on the very first page is the health warning “Arbeit macht frei.

But the verbiage presented at this point is usually in a more welcoming and reassuring manner. Answer a few questions. Upload a file or two. Sit back and wait for the phone to ring.

And, should it not ring, be assured your CV is securely on file and will be used in consideration of any future position and we’ll come straight to you before you’re even aware of the opening.

Tosh, I say !! The ATS is both a CV ‘black hole‘ and ‘time thief‘ which adds nothing to the hiring process and is simply another barrier to entry.

I’ve lost days filling in ATS questionnaires and I’ve now come to the realisation that these ATS’s are simply corporates’ take on ‘Tindr‘ – *swipe*… nah… *swipe*… nah… *swipe*… nah… *swipe*… nah… *swipe*… Oooooo… but, nah… *swipe*…

I’ve yet to get an interview through an ATS. To be fair I have spoken to a TAS… but that’s not really an interview, really…

There are some ATS’s out there which have multiple copies of my CV, and the very worst ATS I’ve used belongs to that Scottish anti-virus company, now owned by a chippy.

ATS’s… if you’ve found one which works, do please let me know.